Projected Growth in the hair extension industry.


The world of hair extensions is booming due to rising incomes, waves of fame and emergence of new technologies for the application of enlargement. However, a complex production process can limit market growth. According to, the hair extension market is expected to increase 4.1% of the CAGR in the 2018-2023 forecast. The women’s hair extension segment in 2016 brought the largest share of revenues to the global hair extension market.


However, every company claims they have the best quality hair, but how can you differentiate? Most clients pay a lot for their hair, so there are always adding pressure to get high-quality extensions.  Dry hair is one of the main reasons for a stylist’s frustration. Moisture is the most crucial factor in determining customers’ hair extensions.

When the moisture content of the hair falls below 10-10.2% (though these depends on the type of hair and the degree of humidity of the environment), the hair looks like brittle straw as opposed to subtle green grass.

KmXtend’s hair is soft and luxurious, yet strong and durable. The coloring process is gentle and not put through harsh acids which strips the hair cuticle. The cuticles remain intact and running in the same direction.  The hair is double drawn which means all of the hair is the same length and the ends are just as thick as the top of the hair bundle.


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